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$20,000 Jackpot
My $20,000 win last week playing Rainforest brings my Jackpot winnings here at Saturn to over $30,000 how cool is that. These guys at Saturn have been so helpful and friendly I just have to say how pleased I am with the way they treat their big winners. A lot of sites would mess you around trying to get paid out, but not at Saturn they keep to the rules they post which is all you can ask for win you win big. Well done guys you got my business. Studmonkey
$10,000 Galaxy PJP
Oh my God I can't believe i won $10.000 I looked and I looked again to make sure I was seeing it right. I lost my mind when I saw that card turn red i ran around the house yelling i got i got i got it till i almost passed out lol this is my second big win here at saturn bingo in 4 months i love this site and the CMs also its always nice to chat when i am feeling chatty lol well see you all in chat roomies keep trying your PJP could be next
$10,000 Jackpot
I don't know what to say because I'm still in shock. I was playing my favorite slot game at Saturn the Trolling for Treasure when all of a sudden I looked at my account and it had zoomed up to $10,000 and then I looked at the screen and it was showing the winning combo. I have been playing here for over 6 months and this is the first big win I have ever had. Thanks to you all, I have to say to that you guys have the best site and support team on the net, well done for running such an honest and easy to play at site.
$5,000 Mega Cash Winners
Yipeeeeeeeeeee Yahooooooooo!!! I was very Happy to have shared the Mega Jackpot, very nice surprise...Thank you Thank you Saturn Bingo

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